Now you can buy delicious products in our online store and save money at the same time. With our American Food Club Program.

Collect points diligently through certain campaigns, when buying products or through friend referals. It's really easy and worth it! And the more points you collect, the higher you rise in your level. Which brings you additional advantages.

Automatically collect points with every purchase
Get points for free on your birthday
Collect additional points through challenges
Recommend us to your friends and both of you will receive additional points
Raise your level until you get a permanent 5% discount in our online store
Points can be converted into discounts at any time

What do I have to do for that?

Road to rewards

To start you just need to create an account for our online store. You can do this here for free. After that you can complete the challenges and simply shop in our online store as normal. The points are automatically credited to you with every purchase.

How can I redeem points?

Redeeming points is as easy as collecting them.

1. Click on the reward icon in the lower left corner:
Reward symbol

2. Click "Redeem points" in the new menu:
Punkte einlösen

3. Choose your reward:
Choose reward

4. Copy the discount code to the clipboard and paste it into the "Gift code" field at checkout:
Using the code

It's that simple.

How do the friend referals work?

Of course we are always happy when someone recommends us to their friends because they are convinced of our products and service. But from now on you will even be rewarded for it. With the help of the referal links in American Food Club.

Create a referral link in the American Food Club menu and share it with your friends:



Once a friend of yours has created an account in our online store and made his first purchase, you will be credited with referral points. And for 5 referred friends you even get bonus points on top!