Which payment methods can be used?

You can pay for your order with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), PostFinance Card, TWINT or via PowerPay invoice. Unfortunately, we do not support prepayment due to automated processes.

Are payments safe in your webshop?

TWINT and PostFinance payments are made directly via the Swiss payment service provider wallee AG based in Winterthur (payment provider). Purchase on account takes place in cooperation with our partner MF Group AG (PowerPay). And for credit card payments, we rely on the payment service provider Stripe. All participants who are involved in the payment process, including the Shopify shop platform used, are PCI DSS certified and guarantee the highest level of security in payment processing.

As a business partner to these payment providers, we must also submit to the high security and transparency regulations in payment transactions and are regularly checked by the payment service provider. However, we ourselves do not save any payment details, apart from the payment method used, for example to indicate them on the invoice. We are only the initiator and recipient of the payment in the payment process. The payment processing itself takes place via the aforementioned renowned payment service providers.

These high security standards protect both you as a customer and us as a retailer from fraudulent intentions and transactions.

What are the payment conditions for purchase on account?

The purchase on account is implemented by our partner MF Group AG (PowerPay). Purchase on account is only possible for private individuals up to an order amount of CHF 150.00. Please do not include a company name in the billing address if you want to use purchase on account.

If you purchase on account, you will be forwarded to the MF Group / PowerPay website after placing your order, where a short credit check is carried out and the payment is then authorized.
We have no influence on the MF Group's decision-making process. Please contact MF Group AG directly in the event of a rejection. Possible reasons for a payment refusal by MF Group AG can be a bad credit rating, typing errors in the name and address or if you have not been registered at the current address for a long time.

How is the delivery and how long does the shipping take?


We ship all packages directly with the Swiss Post. You as a customer can choose whether this should be done as A- or B-Post. Parcels are picked up daily by the Swiss Post in the evening hours.

You can find more information on the page Shipping.

Why can't I exchange products if I'm unsatisfied?

We only sell groceries and a return would unfortunately be extremely problematic for us. We cannot ensure that a returned product is still in perfect condition and has not been intentionally or unintentionally tampered with. As a result, we are no longer allowed to sell it, which would represent a significant financial disadvantage for us. And as a small family business, this would be difficult to cope with.

In addition, the costs per product are relatively low. If you do not like a product, that would only be a small financial disadvantage for you as a customer and it would certainly be manageable. For us as sellers, however, many such returns could add up to a large amount. We would then have to factor this risk into the price, which would lead to higher prices for all customers. However, we try to make prices as fair as possible. For these reasons, we prefer to strictly rule out returns and would like to ask for your understanding for the reasons mentioned.

What about food intolerance or allergies?

If you have any questions about ingredients or allergens, Contact us please directly. We will be happy to provide you with information about individual products.

Where do the products come from?

All of our products come directly from the USA and are brought to Europe via an importer in the EU. This allows us to keep costs low as the logistics infrastructure already exists and all goods already meet EU food and customs regulations. This means that we can easily import these products into Switzerland.

Why do you import products from overseas instead of promoting local products?

This is a difficult question and unfortunately it cannot be answered to everyone's satisfaction. We have nothing against local products and the majority of the food we consume privately comes from Switzerland or neighboring regions, some even from farmers in our community.

However, we also appreciate some foods from the USA that are very tasty and not available here. We can also see from the sales figures in our shop that we are not alone with this. There is simply a need for certain foods from the USA that people would like to consume that are not available here. We therefore see our offered products not as a substitute for local food but as a supplement.

In our opinion, a compromise generally has to be found. Many of our local foods or ingredients already come from overseas. Be it spices, coffee or tea, certain types of fruit and vegetables or other ingredients. As long as there are local equivalents that are equally good, we as private consumers would always prefer these products. If this is not the case, however, we also consider it acceptable to buy and consume products overseas to a certain extent. After all, eating and drinking also means having fun and we all appreciate delicious food (sometimes healthy, sometimes a little less healthy).

Are the foods healthy?

This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. With any kind of sweets, for example, it is clear that they usually have a high sugar content and should only be consumed to a small extent.

Basically, however, one can say that the American products we have selected are neither healthier nor more unhealthy than comparable industrially produced foods from the same categories that can be found here in the supermarket. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual to decide for themselves how much they want and should consume these foods.

We recommend that you observe the nutritional information and list of ingredients on the packaging for all foods and adapt your consumption behavior accordingly. 


What is the best before date of your food?

This is different. However, all of our foods are long-life foods or dry foods, so the best-before date is usually several weeks in the future. If the best before date is less than 4 weeks, we will point this out in the product description.

Do you also have ... in your range?

All products we sell can be found in our online shop and we are constantly expanding our range. If you miss a certain product, we would be happy to hear from you. We will then see if it is possible to include this product in our range.

Do you also have a shop?

No. We are a pure online shop and do not have a local store. This allows us more flexibility at a lower cost. We would rather pass this cost advantage on to our customers in order not to make the products unnecessarily expensive.

Thanks to automated processes and the dispatch with the Swiss Post, the orders arrive at you promptly, so that we currently see no advantage in a local shop. Maybe this will change in the future, but we don't have any such plans right now.

Do you also work with influencers?

Yes, we have a social media & influencer program. You can find more info on the following page.