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American Food Market GmbH is a small family business that was founded in the middle of the corona crisis in 2020. Our goal is to make the best and tastiest American food available in Switzerland.

We got the idea one evening when we received a delicious meal package from our American friends once again. This was not the first package of this kind and every time we enjoy the delicacies that we don't have here in Switzerland. Our local friends were always thrilled when we shared things with them as well. And in some places they even asked us to organize certain food for them.

We therefore see a certain need in Switzerland for American sweets, snacks, drinks and baking and cooking ingredients. Online you can always find individual products on Swiss websites, but unfortunately no comprehensive range and the existing web shops that offer such products unfortunately could not meet our expectations of a modern online shop.

We thought that we could do better at this. With more transparency, a convenient online shop, professional shipping and secure payment processing. Just like online shopping should work these days. That was the birth of our online shop American Food Market.

Simone brings the administrative and business know-how through her professional career and Sebastian has been working in IT and e-Commerce for more than 15 years and supports Simone in all technical matters. In addition, we are supported by employees in our warehouse and external partners in logistics, online marketing and finance.

In short: We would like to share our love for American food with all food enthusiasts in Switzerland and enable everyone to order these US foods easily and online in Switzerland.